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References from my patients


"I went to see Tina during a period in my life when I was feeling both physically and mentally low! Tina immediately connected the two and made a plan for me to tackle my digestion problems as well as my depression. After a few weeks of a carefully planned diet and detox, combined with supplements... I felt like a new person! Really, I was shocked that it worked so quickly and efficiently. During my sessions with Tina, I learned a lot about nutrition and actually found it easy to change my eating habits (which is something I never managed to do in 44 years!)"
C T (age 46)


"Tina is so professional and approachable, I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle, loose weight, and feel great!"
M L (age 44)


"For many years I was suffering from abdominal pain that was attributed to various diagnoses.Years of antacids and gallons of Gaviscon did not help! Tina has changed my life with her excellent advice and help - I am a changed man."
A G (age 49)

"Our health always seems much more valuabe after we lose it." Unknown Author

"I went to see Tina as a result of extreme fatigue, depression and bulimia all of which go hand in hand. I had been to see many doctors and therapists in the past but decided to go for a more holistic approach in seeing Tina. During the first visit Tina made me feel very much at ease and gave me an incredible amount of hope in my situation. We soon discovered that my adrenal glands were not functioning well hence my extreme fatigue. Tina put me on several different supplements and gave diet and lifestyle advice. Over a course of 3 months I felt miraculously better. Along with the discovering of my low adrenals Tina found that my diet was creating cravings that I had no control over. My sugar levels were somewhat of a rollercoaster! Tina taught me a completely different way to eat to balance my insulin levels without being hungry ever! I have changed my way of eating but most importantly my relationship with food. Tina has taught me to be healthy in abundance and not deprivation."
G L (age 40)


"Before coming to the Health Doctors I was feeling low, unenergetic, and didn't feel great in myself. My weight and eating habits played a huge part in this. Since my appointment with Tina and Wendy I have lost 2 stone, which was always my goal and everyone is commenting on it and it feels amazing and makes it all worth the while and left me wanting to keep up my new lifestyle."
H K (age 27)


"A lot of the way we are reflects on the way we eat, so if your aren't happy with the way you look, it is definitely worth going to a nutritionist. My whole eating pattern changed and my exercise increased by a mile as I felt better in myself. Right now I am a very happy person and I can fit into my old clothes, I actually need a new wardrobe as most of them are falling off me."
A T (aged 24)