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The Nutrition Guru works with leading London based companies delivering health and wellbeing programmes in the work place


The executive lifestyle includes many pressures, long hours and stressful situations that can easily take its toll on the body's health reserves. This in turn can affect brain function, mental capacity and daily corporate performance as well as longer term health. Providing specialist Nutritional advice can help to enhance concentration, focus, mood, sleep, fatigue and tolerance to stress. Tina Lond-Caulk has experience of working alongside executives delivering programmes tailored to compliment their individual requirements and health goals helping to ensure your company stays ahead of the competition.

"I would recommend this talk to improve staff productivity, mood, motivation and stress management. We found the suggestions easy to implement. After using the blood sugar balancing rules, we no longer the afternoon tiredness slumps like before and the mood of the office has greatly improved."
D.S. Andersons, 2010

"Our health always seems much more valuabe after we lose it." Unknown Author

Seminars / Workshops

Seminars cover a range of health and nutrition topics. These relaxed and informative talks highlight key issues facing employees today. They are presented in an interactive, engaging manner providing practical advice to enable staff to take steps to change their diet and lifestyle. Topics are tailored to the individual company but examples include;

Seminars can form stand alone sessions, which last for approximately one hour or form part of a series of talks on health and wellness. Talks may also include questionnaires, food tastings and question and answer sessions.

"Extremely interesting, engaging and informative talk which has hopefully opened up the minds of our team to the different choices they are faced with on a day to day basis when it comes to healthy eating, not only for their wellbeing but also productivity."
N.C. Zolfo Cooper, Jan 2011