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We regularly see patients who come to me suffering from a whole host of symptoms that they don't recognise are the body's warning signals of dietary deficiencies or imbalances. By making simple changes we see profound improvements, in not only their health but also in their wellbeing.

During a consultation your current health status will be assessed and you will be informed of any medical tests required. You will also be advised if there are any signs of sub-clinical nutritional deficiencies that could affect your health.

Working closely with you, your lifestyle and personal goals, a dietary programme will be tailored specifically for your needs.

"I can gauge much about a person's state of health from the texture and tone of the skin, their hair and nails, tongue and weight distribution - therefore a face-to-face consultation is essential."

"Our health always seems much more valuabe after we lose it." Unknown Author

The Nutrition Guru currently runs clinics at:

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