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The Nutrition Guru now delivers talks/workshops all over the country, including one of our most popular talks, 'Food for Life'. Learn how even small changes in your diet will have profound effects on every aspect of your life.


Today we are bombarded with endless contradictory information about food: what's good and what's not? We break this down and explain everything very simply, making it easy to make practical healthy food choices. We are passionate about cooking and encourage everyone to learn to make really quick healthy meals, from simple ingredients, and give lots of mouth watering and delicious ideas.

The latest scientific findings on food and health are brought together, with many useful analogies between certain foods, how they affect us and why. We explain why giving yourself the best possible intake of nutrients allows your body to be as healthy as possible, to work as well as it can and, of course, prevent disease in the future.

"Our health always seems much more valuabe after we lose it." Unknown Author

"Personally I found her workshops very helpful with my own children."
R.S.W. Maria Montessori
Head Teacher, 2011

"My child was transformed from the simple dietary changes Tina suggested."
V.H. Mother of a Kings College School child, London

"She gave me everything I needed to improve our family's diet, menu plans, snack ideas, lunchbox suggestions, recipes.
I would recommend this talk to any parent."
G.L. Rokeby School, mother, SW19

Areas covered include:

We also offer smaller group interactive workshops aiming to prevent eating disorders and improve body imagine. We can offer specific talks for all male, all female and mixed groups of all ages.

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The Nutrition Guru

The Nutrition Guru


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