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About me

Welcome to The Nutrition Guru. We are an expert team of university graduate Nutrition Consultants specialising in Wellbeing, Nutrition and Health talks to schools and industry nationwide. We work with children, teenagers, parents, adults and chefs.


These motivating and inspirational talks focus on how being conscious of our food choices and making simple healthy changes can have profound, positive effects on every one of us and every aspect of our lives, almost immediately. It moves listeners to want to improve their diet as they walk out of the door. Our teen years can be a stressful time, students learn how to manage their stress, sleep, energy levels, immunity and recognise their own deficiency symptoms during these effective workshops.

"Happiness is nothing more than good health." Albert Schweitzer

"Our mission is to shape the health, wellbeing and self esteem of current and future generations through motivational workshops and talks in schools across the country"

The latest scientific findings on food and health are brought together, with many useful analogies between certain foods, how they affect us and why. We explain why giving yourself the best possible intake of nutrients allows your body to be as healthy as possible, to work as well as it can and, of course, prevent disease in the future.